E-Learning is Phooey!

Winter Storm hits. Two storms actually, one on top of the other. We wanted it. We prayed, please hit us! We wanted a deep snow. We hadn't seen a good amount of snow in a while. We watched it on the weather apps and radars. Pinpointed it down to the hour. We knew school would close. We were just waiting for the automated call to confirm. Phone rings. It's the school. School is CLOSED! Yes! deep snow playtime! Wait. The message goes on. You know what we didn't want? E-learning Day. Sigh. UUUUHHHHHHHG! Electronic Learning. Whoever thought it would save time and help did not think this through. Not everyone has access to the ether. We barely have enough ether for a day let alone three E-learning days in a row. $20 a month for unlimited doesn't actually mean unlimited. One day uses all of the hotspots for a household of four. My kids will never know what an old-fashioned snow day is. Not that I know what that's like as I grew up in the south by the Gulf. No snow down south. No E-learning ether, I mean either. But I can control it a little bit. I can tell the kids to go outside and play in the 18 inches of snow. My children discovered they love to snow play after dark. For some reason as the sun was going down, the porch light comes on and the stars start to peek, they happily get geared up and play in the snow. In the dark.

Call them in. Listen to them beg for more time. They don't understand their little cheeks are showing the beginning stages of frostbite and their little bodies are exhausted. Semi hot showers, dryer warmed towels and pajamas, and a small cup of hot coco. They settle into their beds and sleep a deep sleep, dreaming of snow hills and snowballs and snow angels. The weather forecast says the windchill and temp will be in the low numbers. Too cold for bus pickups. Another E-learning day tomorrow. Phooey.

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